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    Disney has banned metal groups from playing at Downtown Disney House of Blues

    With less than a week notice Disney officials told metal band “Machine Head” they were no longer welcome to perform at the House of Blues Anaheim located in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney shopping and entertainment district.

    Citing violent imagery, undesirable fans and inflammatory lyrics as the reason, the diversity-impaired corporation began pressuring the promoter on Saturday to cancel all upcoming heavy metal concerts, placing MACHINE HEAD under an internal ‘review process’ that took 5 days before bothering to convey their alarming decision to the band late yesterday — less than 48 hours before their Black Tyranny Tour was to kick off at House of Blues Anaheim on Friday night.

    This policy appears to extend to all acts by so called “metal bands” at the HOB venues on both coasts as both Cannibal Corpse and Sonata Arctica were moved in Orlando. The Machine Head tour will go on as the band’s promoter found a new venue.

    Disney is entering some dangerous waters here. Will other forms of music that cite violent imagery attract rowdy fans be banned? Back when four football prospects were trespassed from Downtown Disney there were questions raised about some of the Gangsta Rap artists who were playing at the HOB and what sort of element those bands attracted. Are they banned too? If so, where does it stop? Is a Country-Western Song about a man who fires his gun, burns his truck, and starts a bar fight going to be banned too?

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