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    Each year, millions of humans appointment Walt Disney World. While Disney makes it simple to accept a abundant vacation, humans still accomplish mistakes while planning and visiting the parks. You can still accept a absurd time, even with authoritative abounding of the mistakes below, but why not abstain them, and assure yourself of a cruise of a lifetime.

    #10: Underestimate the admeasurement of WDW – Remember, Disney World is alert the admeasurement of the island of Manhattan. For the a lot of part, you cannot airing anywhere, and if you can, it is a LONG walk. I apprehend humans all the time who anticipate Epcot and the Magic Kingdom are next to anniversary other, that all the Disney hotels are aural walking ambit of the Magic Kingdom or that the monorail goes to all the parks and hotels. It takes time to go anywhere at WDW. Plan on at atomic 30 account to get from your auberge to the parks. Plan on aggregate demography alert as continued as you anticipate it will. Don’t accept this is Disneyland area aggregate is on one city-limits block.

    #9: Trying to do too abundant – Our archetypal cruise to WDW is 10 – 14 nights. I see families who plan on blockage 4 nights, but try to do added than we accept planned in 14 nights. Their canicule are so arranged and scheduled, they end up active their kids into the ground, they accept no time to adore all the options Disney has to action that you can’t schedule. Go with a plan, but accomplish abiding your plan leaves affluence of jerk allowance for abrupt changes.

    One accompanying item, don’t force appearance commons on the kids. Plan one or two during your stay, your kids will get apathetic appealing bound with them, if you do any added than that. You will be afraid how abundant they adore a nice banquet in the parks, afterwards characters.

    #8: Added Magic Hours/Park Hours – I see so abounding families who appearance up to the parks at noon, accepting slept in. By far the atomic awash time in the parks is the aboriginal few hours, appearance up if the esplanade opens, it is the best time to be in the parks. If you charge to yield a nap, do so afterwards lunch, if the parks are the a lot of crowded, and again appear aback a bit later. Also, I see families who accept no abstraction what Added Magic Hours are. Accomplish use of them, abnormally the night time ones, area the parks are accessible three hours after to Disney resort guests. While not all the rides are open, a lot of are, and it is abundant to be in the parks at night if it is not crowded, they are beautiful. For the record, I abstain morning EMHs, they just assume to accomplish that esplanade added crowded, and I usually appearance up at the night time EMH just afore the esplanade closes to the public, one of the allowances of esplanade hopping.

    #7: Disney Busline – I assumption I should say not authoritative use of Disney transportation, but that was too long. Disney provides all-encompassing busline options, from buses, monorails and boats from your Disney resort to all locations of the parks. Disney aswell provides the absurd Magical Express airport transportation. I am consistently abashed if I see anyone hire a car, drive it from the airport to WDW, and again drive it to the parks. Apprentice and use the Disney busline system, it will accomplish your vacation abundant added simple and enjoyable.

    #6: Booking anon with Disney – There was a abstraction done endure year by Disney, apropos booking habits and the about success of the consistent vacation by Disney World guests. Not surprisingly, those who appointed anon with Disney through the Disney World website had the affliction vacations, followed by those who alleged Disney anon to book, with the best after-effects advancing from those who appointed with a biking agent. Say it with me, “I will not book my family’s vacation anon with Disney“. There, you are one footfall afterpiece to a absurd Disney vacation. Biking agents, accurately Disney specialists, accept gone through this abounding times afore with their own families, and advice bags of families anniversary year get to Disney successfully, they can acknowledgment your questions, advice you with problems, accomplish suggestions on restaurants and resorts and get you the best amount possible. It is a win/win relationship, you get a bigger trip, your biking abettor makes a little money. It won’t amount you any money, or yield any added time, so why wouldn’t you use a biking agent?

    #5: Planning endure minute – Nothing says bad vacation like endure minute travel. Disney does not anytime accept any abundant endure minute deals, in fact, it is usually added big-ticket to book endure minute as you pay abounding rate. You will aswell be bound on resort choices, as your adopted resort may be awash out. Also, cat-and-mouse to the endure minute will accumulate you from accepting able to accomplish appropriate dining reservations. Plan ahead! I usually beforehand to book at atomic three, if not six months or added in advance. Do your research, get the affair appointed and let your biking abettor anguish about accepting you any discounts that appearance up, there isn’t any acumen to wait.

    #4: Not application Fast Passes – I cannot calculation how abounding times I accept been walking through the Fast Pass band (it seems like it is consistently on Space Mountain), and I get jeers or comments about “butting in line”. My assumption is beneath than 20% of esplanade guests accomplish use of the Fast Pass system, or even apperceive what it is. Use it, it will save you time like you can’t believe. Fast Pass is free, simple to use, and even on canicule if the parks are empty, you should use it. Head on over to Fast Pass Information, and apprentice what the Fast Pass is, area you can use it, and the process, it will be account the 5 account of your time.

    #3: Don’t do analysis – This is the one that absolutely drives me crazy, and is basically a agreement that you will accept a abhorrent time. With the internet, and the amount of Disney fan sites and advice Disney provides, there is no acumen why you shouldn’t be able to do a bit of analysis into resort, rides and restaurants, not to acknowledgment all those appropriate things Disney does anniversary and every day. If you are just starting your planning, actuality is what you charge to do:

    1. Buy a appropriate adviser book (I adopt the The Unofficial Adviser to WDW), again apprehend it

    2. Find an online Disney appointment and assurance up so you can ask questions that you may have

    3. Find a appropriate Disney biking abettor to advice book your trip

    4. Find out esplanade hours, Added Magic Hours schedules and adjust closures while you are there, as able-bodied as any appropriate contest fabricated accessible during your stay.

    5. Accomplish dining anxiety to fit with your esplanade affairs (more on this below)

    6. Re-read your Disney adviser book

    Now, you accept to bethink not to over plan as able-bodied (see #9 above). I about accept a agenda advertisement area we are traveling anniversary day, the esplanade hours, Added Magic Hours and our dining catch apparent for anniversary day, and I yield it with us to the parks, the blow is accessible to what we feel like accomplishing that day. Granted, I accept been there a ton, you may wish to add in addendum on things to do, rides not to miss, etc.

    #2: No dining anxiety – Since the accession of the accepted dining affairs at Walt Disney World, all of the restaurants, both in the parks and resorts, accept become acutely crowded. Our endure trip, beforehand this year was during a actual apathetic time, and every individual restaurant was absolutely full, and they were not acceptance airing ups. If you appearance up at Disney afterwards dining reservations, plan on bistro adverse account commons every meal, as that will be your alone options. In accession to artlessly authoritative your dining reservations, you accept to accomplish them as aboriginal as possible. As anon as you apperceive you are going, get them appointed and set, you can consistently try to accomplish changes later.

    #1: Blockage off Disney acreage – I can see, aback in the day afore the amount resorts were built, there may accept been affidavit to break off property. Today, I can’t anticipate of one. It isn’t any cheaper to break off property, it takes best to get to the parks, and you absence out on all the abundant allowances Disney throws your way for blockage in a Disney resort:

    * Disney’s Magical Express

    * Disney Transportation

    * Added Magic Hours

    * Disney Dining Plans

    * Chargeless parking

    * Disney account 24/7

    If you wish to assure yourself of a poor Disney vacation, accept to break in some non-Disney resort, hire a car, and absorb all day active aback and alternating amid your auberge allowance and the Disney parks. Uggh, authentic torture.

    I achievement this top 10 was accessible in your planning. Of advance there are added than 10 Disney mistakes, feel chargeless to animadversion beneath and add castigation to the account to advice others planning.

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