Top 10 Disney Princesses


Cinderella is renowned for her gentility and grace. She endures hardship at the hands of her evil stepmother and stepsisters, but she never loses hope, and she eventually wins the affection of Prince Charming.


Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" is esteemed for her wit and passion for reading. She places value on inner beauty and considers things beyond the surface, developing a strong bond with the Beast via love and compassion.


The vivacious mermaid from "The Little Mermaid," Ariel, is renowned for her sense of adventure and interest in the world of humans. Her fortitude is demonstrated by her will and sacrifice to be with Prince Eric.


In "Aladdin," Princess Jasmine of Agrabah is praised for her independence and pursuit of freedom. She opposes social conventions and aspires to live outside the palace.


Mulan is a courageous fighter from ancient China who poses as a man to replace her father in the military. Her defining characteristics are her tenacity, loyalty, and bravery.


Tiana, the young woman with the restaurant-opening desire in "The Princess and the Frog," is a hard-working person. She is navigating a fantastic trip in New Orleans with a strong work ethic and perseverance that are inspiring.


The Snow Queen from "Frozen," Elsa, is capable of generating ice and snow. The plot revolves around her struggle to accept who she is and learn to harness her abilities while preserving her relationship with her sister, Anna.


Anna is Elsa's younger sister and the protagonist of "Frozen." Her unwavering love for her sister and her adventurous spirit make her a beloved character.


Moana is a Polynesian princess from the same-named movie who is independent and daring. Her bravery in crossing the ocean to save her people is evidence of her resolve and ability to lead.