Turning Red (2022): A Delightful Animated Adventure

Release Date: March 11, 2022

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Director: Domee Shi

Production Company: Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar Animation Studios has been known for creating heartwarming and visually stunning animated films that captivate audiences of all ages. With their latest release, “Turning Red,” they once again prove their mastery of storytelling and animation. Directed by Domee Shi, who previously won an Academy Award for her short film “Bao,” this film takes viewers on a delightful adventure filled with humor, heart, and a touch of magic.

The Plot

The main character of "Turning Red" is 13-year-old Mei Lee, a typical adolescent with an unusual secret. Mei becomes a gigantic red panda whenever she becomes overexcited or stressed. In addition to being physically demanding, this metamorphosis also generates a number of amusing and chaotic circumstances. Mei has trouble managing her emotions, particularly during the dreaded middle school years when it's crucial to blend in and be accepted.

Mei Lee, a 13-year-old protagonist in "Turning Red," is an ordinary adolescent with an odd secret. Anytime Mei is overexcited or under stress, she transforms into a huge red panda. This transformation not only requires a lot of physical effort, but it also results in a lot of funny and unpredictable situations. Mei struggles to control her emotions, especially during the terrible middle school years when fitting in and being accepted are paramount.

The Animation

As always, Pixar's animation is of the highest caliber, and "Turning Red" is no exception. Mei's lovely red panda body and the vivid environment in which she lives were meticulously created. The animation's fluidity enables viewers to thoroughly immerse themselves in the narrative, while the expressive character designs give each character a distinct personality.

Notably, the movie masterfully combines classic hand-drawn animation with cutting-edge computer-generated methods to produce a distinctive visual experience. Each frame is flowing and charming, and Domee Shi's experience with traditional animation is evident. The plot is made more interesting and exciting by the vivid colors and explosive action scenes, which also make it visually pleasing.

The Characters

A great ensemble gives the characters in "Turning Red" endearing, relatable voices. Rosalie Chiang's portrayal of Mei Lee perfectly reflects the hardships of adolescence, from her yearning to fit in to her reluctance to let people see the real her. Mei's transformation into a red panda serves as a metaphor for the adjustments and difficulties that teenagers experience during this trying time in their lives.

Sandra Oh provides the voice of Ming, Mei's mother, and her perfect comedic timing gives the role wit and depth. Ming's quest to reunite with her daughter exemplifies a parent's unwavering love and the extent they will go to for their offspring. Mei and Ming's relationship together creates an endearing friendship that serves as the emotional center of the movie.

The Humor and Heart

The ability of Pixar to strike a balance between heart and fun is one of their greatest assets, and "Turning Red" is no exception. The movie has many funny moments, ingenious gags, and situational comedy that will make viewers of all ages smile. The tale is kept light and interesting by the humorous timing and the smart banter, making the entire experience enjoyable.

Underneath the humor, though, is a moving examination of self-acceptance and the difficulties of growing up. Anyone who has ever felt strange or out of place can relate to Mei's struggle with self-control and dread of being judged. For viewers of all ages, the movie's message of accepting one's individuality and discovering love and acceptance within oneself is a potent and necessary reminder.

The Soundtrack

An important part of a movie's tone-setting and emotional impact-enhancing process is music. Canadian composer Amie Doherty's music for "Turning Red" is exciting and intriguing. The film's action parts are made more exciting by the music, which goes well with the colorful animation.

A variety of well-known songs from different genres are also mixed into the soundtrack, which further improves the narration and makes for an enjoyable viewing experience. From the thrill of Mei's transformations to the tender moments of self-discovery, the music brilliantly encapsulates the feelings of each scene.


A wonderful animated adventure, "Turning Red" exemplifies Pixar's storytelling skills and their capacity to make movies that appeal to viewers of all ages. This movie is a must-see for animation aficionados and families alike thanks to Domee Shi's direction, gorgeous animation, and moving performances.

"Turning Red" conveys a significant message of self-acceptance, embracing one's uniqueness, and the strength of love and support from family through its endearing characters, humor, and heart. You'll leave this touching narrative with a smile on your face and a fresh understanding of the power of animated storytelling.

Therefore, mark your calendars and get ready to travel through time with Mei Lee and her adorable red panda persona. The movie "Turning Red" will make you feel good inside and help you realize the value of staying loyal to who you are.